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About A&K Slip Forming, Inc.

Slip forming is a one step process. It is a method in which concrete is poured into a continuously moving form. Because slip forming creates a single continuous, non-interrupted, cast-in-place concrete structure, there is no erratic settling of individual lengths, as there would be using precast concrete. When compared to precast concrete products, slip formed products are stronger, more durable, and more resistant to wear and tear. It is the fastest method of constructing repetitive concrete structures, saving cost and time. Slip forming allows us to install up to 2,000 linear feet of concrete curb in a single day. Nothing compares to the flexibility, accuracy, adaptability, and speed of the one-step slip forming process. The ideal curing characteristics yield high strength concrete with maximum density to withstand even the most difficult climates. Slip forming relies on the quick-setting properties of concrete, and requires a balance between quick-setting capacity and workability. The concrete needs to be workable enough to be placed into the form with strength, while maintaining its shape. A typical structure or item would consist of curbing, gutter, also combined gutter-curb, and both land or bridge barrier.

While A&K’s specialty is slip forming, we also place or install concrete sidewalks, color imprinted concrete, granite curbing, brick pavers, heavy duty concrete pads and concrete floors.

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