Concrete Repair in Cobleskill

Concrete is an amazingly versatile material. It can be used for driveways, patios, foundations, countertops, floors—in fact, you can even build your entire house out of it if you like. While concrete is made to last—often 50-60 years without problems—there are repairs it may require over the years. From cracks to spalling to sinking, the weather and the surface concrete was poured on can affect it negatively.

At A & K Slip Forming INC, we believe in regular maintenance. But, even the most well-maintained concrete can be victim to accidents and the elements. That’s where we come in!

Looking for a competent residential concrete repair team in Cobleskill? We’ve been in the local industry for a number of years now constructing, maintaining, and repairing concrete. No matter how small or large the job is, give us a call and we’ll get your concrete back on track in no time!

Concrete Driveway Contractors

Long-lasting and economical, when you made the choice to install a concrete driveway, it was the right one. But now you’re experiencing problems that are simply beyond your control! Maybe the ground froze one too many times and now all you see is breakage, also known as “spalling”. Or maybe the original company who installed your driveway didn’t pay enough attention and didn’t create a strong foundation for it to sit on and now it’s sinking!

At A & K Slip Forming INC, concrete restoration is our specialty. Whether you need simple concrete driveway crack repair for one or two fractures on the surface, or you need a full overhaul and leveling, possibly with a fresh installation, we’re here for you. Concrete cracks and sinking are a pain but where there’s a will there’s a way. And, our Cobleskill clients agree, we’ve got will to spare!

Make concrete surface repair simple. Call A & K Slip Forming INC today.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Uneven cracking floors and walls… suddenly doors aren’t closing so well, and you’re starting to see gaps around the ceiling! While this is an extreme case, just one of these factors means that you need A & K Slip Forming INC to come take a look at your foundation.

Like driveways, a concrete foundation is also susceptible to cracking and sinking. But unlike driveways, foundations are a lot more important and if left alone too long, they are a LOT more expensive to fix.

Cobleskill homeowners can count on our licensed experienced concrete repair contractors for fixes as simple as applying concrete crack fillers, or more complex fixes that call for piering and slab jacking.

Equipped with the latest knowledge and technology, we’ll ensure that your home doesn’t face irreparable damage.

Experienced Concrete Contractors

Cracks in concrete or a sinking driveway are problems that many Cobleskill homeowners believe they can ignore. And, while sometimes this is ok, these damages can be warning signs of what’s yet to come.

Any time you notice damage, no matter how minimal, to your driveway or foundation, or any other part of your home or yard that is constructed from concrete, give us a call.

We’ll provide you with a free assessment and deal with any small issues, before they become big ones.