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Concrete Countertops by A & K Slip Forming INC

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two most important rooms in your home. Over your lifespan you’ll spend three years in the kitchen and one-and-a-half years in the bathroom! In the bathroom you spend time preparing yourself and in the kitchen, you spend time preparing food. Both activities involve a lot of use of countertops. Given this information, it’s clear how important getting your countertops right is.

Homeowners looking to install new countertops during a renovation want material that is functional as well as attractive. This can be a hard decision to make with all the options out there, but at A & K Slip Forming INC, we believe that concrete countertops are your best options—and that’s not just because we’re the ones who make them!

Whether you’re in the market for concrete kitchen countertops, or some for your bathroom, you’ve come to the right place.

Benefits of Home Concrete Countertops

When most homeowners picture countertop options, they think of granite, laminate, or tile. But poured concrete countertops are a strong contender that outstrip all of these materials in a variety of ways.


While granite has quite a few color options and is resistant to heat, it cannot be embellished in any way with embedded items, can only have one type of edge as well as only one shape, and is surprisingly not stain resistant. Concrete has all of these bases covered and on top of that, has an appearance that improves with age!


Considering a tile countertop? You may not have to seal it, but be prepared for visible seams, a lack of shape, edge, and insert detailing. Like granite, tile is a great look for those who are really invested in it but why pay the price when you can get a stamped concrete countertop for only a little more that will last longer and has multiple better features?


The tried-and-true affordable option may suit the needs of many, but it falls down on the job when it comes to lifespan, details, and heat resistance. You may be saving money, but when you accidentally put down a hot pot on it you’ll be spending more than you bargained for.

At A & K Slip Forming INC, our skilled contractors can create polished concrete countertops that look like granite, stamped concrete countertops that look like tile, and smooth concrete countertops that come in all the colors of laminate—for extra effect, try staining for an acid washed effect!

Renovating your yard? Outdoor concrete countertops will be the crowning glory of your backyard kitchen and will take decades to be damaged by the elements.

Invest Intelligently

At $65-$135, the cost of concrete countertops is higher than laminate and tile, but lower than granite. With its durability and range of custom options, you won’t regret making the decision to go with concrete.

And, when you’re ready to install your beautiful new countertops or maybe even kitchen island, you’ll want to choose experienced masonry contractors like the ones at A & K Slip Forming INC, who have years in the industry and the creative touch to set us apart from the rest.

We’re available via phone or email to set up an estimate of services for you today!