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Slip Form Curb

Concrete curb construction using slipforms can provide several benefits and a better finished project. Concrete curb construction during the last century was made by hand and with a slow-finishing process. Nowadays, techniques have improved; Slip Form machines have become faster and more reliable producing a better-looking concrete curb.

Concrete curbs are placed using a low-slump concrete which can harden in a relatively small amount of time, instead of longer periods when regular concrete is used. The concrete used for curbs can be placed directly into hoppers of the slipform equipment, and start placing it immediately.

Importance of Concrete Curbs

Concrete curbs are very important preventing a rapid decay of road surface. The importance of using concrete curbs is:

  • Help direct the water to the right storm inlet
  • Will define the border between the paved surface and the walking areas
  • Adds strength and stability to the pavement, as it creates a rigid borderline structure along the edge.
  • Curbs can be used to transition from sidewalks to ramps
  • Minimizes deflection of the pavement surface.