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Our Testimonials


"A&K Slip forming brings customer service and quality to the forefront always meeting our scheduling needs no matter the circumstances. Their staff is hard working and does whatever it takes to get the job done on time. They are an exceptional contractor."


"My first experience with A&K Slipforming was in 2004 on a three-phase, 142 million dollar NYSDOT project connecting I-86 and US Route 15. They had all the curb, gutter, and concrete barrier on the project. We had never dealt with them before, so I was a little apprehensive the first time I put them on the schedule. When they first arrived on the job, I went where they were scheduled to slipform curb. I wanted see how they would perform and “put out any fires” if needed. I arrived where they were going to work at 6:45a and they were already on site unloading equipment. By 7:00a (our starting time), pins and stringline were halfway down the street. By 7:15, they were working on their “dry run”, and by 7:45, concrete had arrived and they were slipping curb. Their curb came out “picture perfect”. We use them anytime we have concrete curb, gutter, or barrier. I was pretty impressed then, and I’m pretty impressed now whenever they show up for a job. A great group of talented people! "


"Our first project with A&K Slipforming was in 2006 and it involved the reconstruction of a NYSDOT corridor through a local college campus. The high volume of traffic, the proximity of the campus and the constant flow of students through the site meant that the job had to be completed in multiple phases with a strict adherence to the owner’s schedule. From the onset the employees of A&K demonstrated a firm understanding of their work and they performed with great efficiency and commitment to the project schedule. A&K’s execution aided in finishing this project to finish ahead of schedule with minimal impact to the students and traveling public.

In the years that have followed we have built a strong relationship with Mark, Donna and the crew at A&K as we have teamed up on several more projects, all with their own challenges. We have turned to A&K and their Slipforming crew when we needed to install concrete bridge barrier on an interstate improvement project, when we needed to install granite curbs, brick pavers and even concrete gutters. Recently, in 2010-11 we worked with A&K to reconstruct a NYSDOT road through the city of Newburgh, NY; they’re work involved the construction of nearly three miles of concrete curb and sidewalk on one of New York State’s largest ARRA funded projects. Regardless of what challenges we throw at them, they always execute without issue.

A&K has consistently exceeded our expectations and their commitment has been a key component in why we continue to finish projects ahead of schedule and on budget."

Jim Sprague, PM - very competitively priced!

"A&K Slipforming has been our go to concrete subcontractor for the last ten years. Mark and Donna are great people to do business with, and they have surrounded themselves with a staff, that in my mind is second to none. Their crews are a pleasure to have on site, they always show up early and they are all business when they get there. They just completed all the concrete curb, sidewalks, lead walks, garage slabs, porches and stairs on a $24 Million Dollar housing project at West Point Military Academy for us and not once did I hear any complaints from the inspectors regarding A&K’s production or craftsmanship. During the Fall of 2010 when A&K was swamped with work trying to get all of their clients finished up before winter, I spoke with Mark regarding some curb that I needed poured. He explained to me he was really busy and asked if he could get back to me, that afternoon Mark in fact did get back to me and told me he was loading his machine on the lowboy, he had put together another crew and he would be there in the morning himself to run the machine, and install the curb. That alone speaks volumes about the company Mark and Donna have put together as well as their personal characters. Anyone who has concrete curb, barrier or flatwork to do on their project should do their selves a favor and give A&K Slipforming a call, they are very competitively priced and the quality of their work is second to none!"

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